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PO Box 13249
Mill Creek, WA 98082

Phone 360.653.1800
Toll Free 877.601.1800

About Parke Associates

The Leading Executive Search Firm Serving Banks Headquartered In the Pacific NW

Parke Associates is a bank executive search specialty firm. We work exclusively in the banking industry, with banks headquartered in the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

Our exclusive focus on the banking industry in the Pacific Northwest allows us to be knowledgeable about the banks and banking conditions in our market, and to know the candidates in our market. That combined knowledge makes us uniquely effective in serving the officer and executive recruiting needs of our client banks and in serving the best career interests of our candidates.

Parke Associates focuses on mid to senior executive level positions with compensation ranges of $60,000 to $300,000+. Searches are conducted for all Officer and Executive positions, from Commercial Loan Officer through Chief Executive Officer.