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Information for Candidates

Confidential and Risk Free

At Parke Associates we believe that before a candidate accepts a position with a Parke Associates client bank, the candidate must be thoroughly informed about the client bank and the position the bank is looking to fill, as well as about the performance requirements of the position; that the candidate has to be able to meet the requirements of the position; and that the candidate has to be enthusiastic about the potential opportunities and benefits the position offers and see the position as a good fit with his/her own long term career goals and objectives.

To ensure that candidates are fully informed about the bank and position in which they may be interested, and to confirm their qualifications for the position, Parke Associates personally meets with each candidate. At that meeting between the candidate and Parke Associates, we give the candidate a complete financial background outline on the client bank as well as a complete description of the position the bank is filling and the requirements of that position. We also ask detailed questions of the candidate about his/her background, professional experience, professional aspirations, etc. If, at the end of that conversation, the candidate is still interested in the position, and we believe the candidate meets the client bank's requirements, we arrange a meeting between the candidate and the hiring authority at the client bank.

Until a candidate agrees that they would like to meet with our client bank and authorizes us to disclose the candidate's name and background to the client bank, the candidates name remains totally confidential within Parke Associates. We do not reveal any candidate's name to any outside contact without the candidate's express authorization.