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Mill Creek, WA 98082

Phone 360.653.1800
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Information for Bank Employers

Three Unique Advantages

Parke Associates provides three unique advantages to its client banks.

1. We are bank recruiting specialists. We understand banking and the recruiting challenges bankers face.

Stephen Parke, Parke Associates President, was a banker in the Pacific NW for 26 years before becoming a bank executive recruiter in 1996.

2. We personally visit our client's offices to discuss in detail each new search assignment and we personally interview each candidate before we recommend that our client interviews him/her.

We believe personal contact is the only way to ensure that we completely understand our client's needs and objectives for each search and to ensure that candidates we recommend actually meet our client banks needs and objectives.

3. We have high name recognition and creditability with commercial bankers in the Pacific NW.

Focusing exclusively since 1996 on serving banks headquartered in the Pacific NW, we know and are known and trusted by the bank candidates in this market.

Parke Associates works on a contingency basis. We are paid only when a client bank hires a candidate we provided to them.